Well Water Testing

Schedule Service Call Well Water TestingTruckee Meadows Water provides free water testing in the Reno / Sparks / Carson City / Fernley / Fallon/ Lake Tahoe area for water contaminants in city water testing and well water testing.  Iron, manganese, nitrates, hydrogen sulphides, fluoride, hardness and chlorine are the biggest problems in this region… As you may be aware, many of the wells in the Reno / Tahoe /Fallon area are contaminated with naturally occurring  arsenic. You cannot taste arsenic in your water, but you do not want to have life-long exposure to arsenic in water as is common in the Northern Nevada and Tahoe basin. Your first step is to ask us for a no obligation, free water testing service. You’ll then know your status, and we can discuss appropriate options. Contact us today for a free water testing or for an arsenic testing of your water!





Well Water Testing Service

For more complex needs, we offer a well water testing service. Many of the rural areas outside of municipal water systems in Reno, Sparks, Carson City and throughout Northern Nevada depend on well water. Unfortunately, your well water can be contaminated with naturally occurring arsenic, Iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphides,hardness, fluoride, nitrates  or other inorganic  as well as man-made pollutants.  You do not want you and your family drinking arsenic contaminated water for years at  a time, as it is a significant risk to cancer and other health problems.

Testing your well water is a first step towards making a plan towards improving your well water. If your well water passes state and Federal standards, you have peace of mind and need to do nothing. If your well water is not up to your standards, we can advise on different water filtration / water filter systems for well water for you and your family. Either way, knowledge is power – so you  want to get your well water tested, today. We are well water testing service and work in the Reno, Sparks, and Carson City areas of Northern Nevada as well as the Lake Tahoe area of Northern California