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Truckee Meadows Water  sales and leases  both  Hydrotech reverse osmosis drinking water systems and  the latest most efficient  technology  :  Linx –ionized water systems   ” for  both homes and businesses In Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Dayton, Virginia City, Fernley ,Fallon & just about everywhere else in Northern Nevada. Our systems will provide you with water that is just as good-if not better than bottled water for a fraction of the cost !!.

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems for Home & Office vs. Bottled Water Delivery Systems

Hydrotech Reverse Osmosis – We installed over 700 of these systems at the NAS Naval Air Station Fallon “Top Gun” base for Arsenic reduction. More Information

Many people look first for a bottled water delivery system in the Reno / Tahoe area once they are aware of water quality concerns (contaminants, arsenic in water) and/or taste issues. Bottled water delivery services have many disadvantages, namely the cost of the service and the impact on the environment of moving all that water around. Truckee Meadows Water System has an alternative – an in-house, or in-office reverse osmosis water filtration system. Our reverse osmosis systems can provide dramatically better water at a competitive price point. So even if you started your search looking for a bottled water service in Reno / Tahoe, end it by considering the leading-edge advantages of a water filter system, even a whole house water filtration system.


Pro Series

Premier Push Button Monitored Reverse Osmosis Systems Our premier model is equipped with our patented Smartap® Push Button Monitor. At the touch of a button you can be assured that you are receiving top quality water or you will be alerted that it is time to change your membrane. This model also utilizes three dedicated sediment and carbon filters.

All models feature:

  • High quality reverse osmosis membrane
  • Choice of 9, 25, 50 and 75 gallons per day
  • Sediment pre-filtration
  • Pre & post carbon block filtration
  • Quick connect fittings
  • 3/8” tubing from RO to tank and faucet for higher flow
  • Color coded tubing for ease of installation
  • Chrome faucet
  • Storage tank

New slim profile with integrated mounting bracket for easy, space Simple snap fit saving installation. cover for ease of service. Attractive new design. Pro Series has been tested and certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI 58 for the reduction of TDS.


Linx Drinking Water Systems – The SMARTEST drinking water system ever.

With Dial-A-Taste® technology so you can actually customize the taste of your water!

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The LINX Systems provide water quality that rivals traditional reverse osmosis filters but uses an ion exchange process  powered by electricity rather than chemicals so you can save 1000’s of gallons of water every year.

LINX actually stands for Electrically Regenerated IoN EXchange. The patented process ensures that your new LINX system uses  significantly less water than a Reverse Osmosis System (up to 90% less).

It’s the latest technology in Drinking Water – with an environmental conscience.


  • Right at your kitchen sink, LINX systems provide practically UNLIMITED water. The LINX tank fills rapidly in minutes for a nearly continuous supply of great-tasting, healthy water.
  • The Dial-A-Taste Controls allow you to customize the taste of your drinking water. Your water could taste like Spring water, Drinking Water, or Purified Water flavor – just adjust yoru system for more or less mineral content..
  • Wastes thousands of gallons less water than a Reverse Osmosis System (up to 90% less).
  • Programmable software operates the system while display indicator lights provide you with a detailed system
  • The LINX System can be tied into your ice maker for great-tasting ice cubes.

Exceptional Warranty (See Warranty Terms for Details)

  • Limited Life Time Warranty for the  system excluding these components:
  • Warranted for 1 year from date of  purchase: LINX extraction cartridges .
  • Warranted for a period of 3 years: The power supply & electrodes .

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis occurs when the water is moved across the membrane against the concentration gradient, from lower concentration to higher concentration. To illustrate, imagine a semipermeable membrane with fresh water on one side and a concentrated aqueous solution on the other side. If normal osmosis takes place, the fresh water will cross the membrane to dilute the concentrated solution. In reverse osmosis, pressure is exerted on the side with the concentrated solution to force the water molecules across the membrane to the fresh water side.

Reverse osmosis is often used in commercial and residential water filtration. It is also one of the methods used to desalinate seawater. Sometimes reverse osmosis is used to purify liquids in which water is an undesirable impurity (e.g., ethanol).


You can use reverse osmosis for a home water system, reverse osmosis for a commercial / industrial system, or for an office system. Consult with one of our experts as to whether reverse osmosis is the best solution for your particular needs before you spend a lot of money on a reverse osmosis water system. We pride ourselves on helping our clients make the best choice for their water filter needs, whatever that may be!


Nevada firm gets Navy contract

RENO, NV – Truckee Meadows Water Systems of Reno, a local water filtration company, has been awarded a contract by the Naval Air Station in Fallon, NV, to provide the station with 776 reverse osmosis (RO) drinking-water coolers to meet US Environmental Protection Agency standards for arsenic.

The Oasis RO coolers will be installed in each building at the station and will lower the arsenic level to below the on-again/off-again new maximum contaminant level of 10 parts per billion. They will also replace the existing bottled water coolers, freeing up space that was previously used to store extra 5-gallon bottles.

The Naval Air Station at Fallon is the Navy’s premiere tactical air warfare training facility.